Rev. Fr. Dr. Jayapalan Raphael, SDB

Rev. Fr. Dr. Jayapalan Raphael, SDB (Former Provincial – Chennai Province)

Men in White, Salesians are his sons moving ahead giving shape to the vision of Don Bosco, on behalf of the young people especially those most in need.

What our Men in White in Northern Sri Lanka do, is a sign of this committment we Salesians have taken up. War affected struggling people need our love, presence and committment. Particularaly young poeple who have grown at a time filled with hatred and killing, need inner healing, education to right in human and spiritual values and courage to build up their future with confidence and vision.

They have to grow in self confidence and with right values, grow in joy and optimism and fraternity. They need our love, presence and support.

We have our Salesians there committed to this important task. Let us put our hearts and minds together to build up a god filled humanity with love, peace and justice.

That will be the wonderful tribute to the little boy of Becchi, Johnny Bosco who worked tirelessly to shape the young minds and hearts and to mould them to be good and god centered people and honest citezens.

God Bless You.