The Salesians of Don Bosco have toiled with a noble motto “Virtus in Arduis”, Virtue conquers hardships, but it can also mean “There is STRENGTH to be gained in DIFFICULTIES or HARDSHIP.”

Don Bosco Schools Anthem 

Behold the standard of our school
Neath it shall honor reign.
To guide our steps in virtue’s path
Faithful to it remain.
We’ll strive to learn,
Truth to discern.
To play life’s game in honour’s name
And evil always spurn
And evil always spurn.
We’ll do our best, and never will rest
For Virtus in Arduis.
Is on our crest,
Our motto’s the best.
Don Bosco boys will shine as of yore
And as the years roll along, you’ll hear this dear song.
Don Bosco’s ever more.